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Semicon Taiwan 2009
September 30 -October 2, 2009, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan

Semicon Europa 2009
October 6-8, 2009, Messe Dresden Germany

PV Taiwan 2009
October 7-9 2009

Semicon Japan 2009
December 2 December 4, 2009, Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

Semicon Russia 2010
June 14 -16, 2010, World Trade Center, Moscow, Russia

Semiconductor Manufacturing
All about Semiconductor Industry, Semiconductor Materials, Crystal Growth and Wafer Preparation, Contamination Control, Wafer Fabrication, Process Yields, Epitaxy, Oxidation, Lithography, Reactive Plasma Etching, Film Deposition, Ion Implantation, Metallization, Wafer Test and Evaluation, Assembly and Packaging and more


        Assembly Equipment Manufacturers
                Backgrind, Slicing, Lapping, Polishing
                Ball Placement, Attach Systems
                Base Loader Systems
                Cleaning,Washing Equipment for Assembly and Packaging
                Cut and Down Set, Trim, Form Equipment
                Deflashing, Degating Tools
                Device Handling, Feeding Systems
                Dicing, Sawing, Scribing, Separation Equipment
                Die Bonding, Attach Equipment
                Die Removal Equipment
                Die Sorter, Pick and Place, Flip Chip Placement Systems
                Dispensing Systems
                Hot Embossing System
                Lead Finishing, Straightening Equipment
                Lead Frame Taping Systems
                Lithography Systems for Wafer Level Packaging, Bumping, 3D Interconnect Aligners
                Marking, Imprinting Equipment, Labeling Equipment
                Molding, Encapsulation, Decapsulation Equipment
                Package Handling, Conveying Equipment
                Package Simulation, Characterization Equipment
                Printing Equipment, Screen-printing, Alignment, Film Printing
                PROM, Memory Programmer Equipment
                Solder Reflow, Soldering and Brazing Equipment
                Tape Automated Bonding (TAB), Bumped Tape Automated Bonding (BTAB) Equipment
                Wafer Level, SOI Bonders, Temporary Bonders, DE-Bonders
                Wafer Mount, Taping Equipment
                Wire Bonding Equipment
        Flat Panel Display Equipment Manufacturers
                Alignment Film Coating Equipment
                Anodic Oxidation Equipment
                Color Pattern Processing Equipment
                Cullet Removal Equipment
                Laser Treatment, Cutting Systems for Panels and Photocells
                Liquid Crystal Injection or Filling Equipment
                Low Pressure Plasma Spray (LPPS) Equipment
                Luminous Layer Patterning and Sealing Equipment
                Panel Alignment, Cell Assembly Equipment
                Polarizer Sticking Equipment
                Rubbing Equipment
                Scribe and Break Equipment
                Seal Patterning Equipment
                Spacer Spraying Equipment
        Inspection & Measurement Equipment Manufacturers
                Acoustic Spectroscopy, Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA), Ultrasonic, Acoustical Microscopes
                Air Velocity Meter (VA), Humidity and Moisture Sensing
                Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)
                Confocal Scanning Microscope, 3-D Video Microscopes
                CV (capacitance-to-voltage) Probe Systems
                Defect, Particle, Bump Detection or Inspection
                Die Inspection, Die Shear
                Electron Microscope (TEM)
                Fiber Optic Inspection Instruments
                Film Thickness, Thickness Measurement, Ellipsometer
                Flat, Notch Finding System
                Instruments, Bench Top Test
                Leak Detection Systems - Vacuum or Gas
                Line Width, Critica Dimension (CD) Measurement
                Optical Microscopes
                Overlay Measurement
                Package Inspection, Lead Scanners
                Particle Monitors, Analyzers - Airborne or Liquid
                Plate Inspection Equipment
                Resistivity Measurement, 4 point probe, Sheet resistance
                Spectrometers, Fourier Transform Infrared(FTIR), Attenuated Total Reflectance FTIR(ATR-FTIR), Auger Electron (AES), SIMS
                Stress, Refractive Index, Reflectivity and Conductivity Measurement
                Thermal Sensing, Measurement, Analysis
                Wafer, Substrate Metrology, Topology, Nanotopography,Flatness Measurement
                Weight Measurement, Precision Scales
                Wire Bonding Inspection, Test
                X-ray, XRF, 3-D X-Ray, Lexes Systems
        Process Equipment Manufacturers
                Bumping Systems
                Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), Electro Polishing, Mechanical Polishing Equipment
                Cleaning, Washing Equipment for Substrate, Fab Processing
                Coat, Develop, Resist Processing, Track Equipment
                Crystal Growing and Machining Equipment
                Deposition, Chemical Vapor (CVD), MOCVD, PECVD, ALD, LPCVD
                Deposition, Physical Vapor (PVD), Sputtering, Evaporation Equipment
                Environmental Enclosures, Minienvironments
                Epitaxi Equipment, Epi Reactors, Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), Atomic Layer Epitaxi (ALE)
                Etching, Stripping, Ashing - Dry and Wet Equipment
                Ion Implantation Equipment
                Ion, E Beam Milling Etching Equipment
                Lithography, Exposure - Aligners, Direct Write Systems, Steppers, Scanners
                Plating, Electro Chemical Plating, Deposition Systems
                Spin on Glass (SOG), on Dielectric (SOD) Track systems
                Thermal Processing - Diffusion, Oxidation, Annealing, RTA, RTP Equipment
                Transfer Systems for Wafer, Reticles or FPDs
                Wafer Identification, Marking Equipment
        Test Equipment Manufacturers
                Burn-In Accessory Systems
                Burn-In Systems
                Circuit Repair, Design Modification Systems (Focused Ion Beam (FIB), Laser Repair, Redundant Memory Repair Systems
                Discrete Component Test Systems
                Environmental Stress Systems - Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, HAST
                ESD, EMS and Latch-up Systems
                Failure Analysis Systems
                FPD Test, Measurement, Repair Equipment
                Functional Test Systems
                Handlers, Postioner Systems
                Linear Test Systems
                Logic Test Systems
                Memory Test Systems
                Optical Test Systems
                Package Test Systems
                Parametric Test Systems
                Probe Card Maintenance and Analysis Systems
                Probing Equipment (incl. Analytical, Circuit, Manual, E-Beam, Optical, Wafer Probers)
                System on a Chip (SOC), Mixed Signal Test Systems
                Test Contractor Cleaning, Conditioning Systems
                Test Head Manipulators and Docking Stations
        Assembly Material Suppliers
                Adhesives, Epoxies, Die Attach Compounds, Under fill Materials, Conductive and Non-Conductive
                Bonding, Interconnect Materials - Wire, Ribbon, Tape, Lead, Die, Capillaries and Tools
                Heat Sinks
                Lead Frames and Headers, Etched, Stamped
                Marking ink
                Molding, Encapsulation, Potting, Resin Materials
                Package Substrates, Laminate Material, Film based
                Packages, Ceramic and Other High Temp compounds
                Packages, Plastic
                Preforms, Lids
                Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Printed Wire Boards (PWB) (incl. Laminate, Multilayer, Ceramic, High Temp Circuit Boards
                Printing Masks, Screens
                Scribe Tools, Saw Blades, Dicing Accessories
                Solder, Solder Balls and other Soldering Materials
                Tape and Reel Materials
                Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) Accessories
                Thick Film Pastes, Materials
                Thin Film, Dielectric Film Materials
        Chemical & Solids Suppliers
                Acids, Etchants
                Buffers, Alkalis, Bases
                Cleaning Chemicals, Solvents, Strippers
                DI, UP Water
                Dopants, liquid or solid
                Other Specialty Chemicals
                Photo Resist, Developers and Ancillaries (incl. Adhesio promoter(HMDS), Primer, Anti-Reflective Coating(ARC), BARC, TARC)
                Spin on glass material
        Gas Suppliers
                Analytical Instrumentation Mixtures
                Dopant Gases
                Environmental Compliance Mixtures
                Etchant Gases
                Fuel Gases
                Laser Gas Mixtures
                Other Specialty, Mixed Gas
                Pure and Bulk Gases
                Rare, Noble Gases
                Reactant Gases
                Silicon Precursor Gas
        FPD Material Suppliers
                Alignment Film Materials
                Color Filter Materials
                End-Sealing Material
                Glass Plates for FPD
                Liquid Crystal Materials
                Spacer Materials
        Mask Making Material Suppliers
                Mask and Reticle Handling Products
                Mask plate blanks, Glass
                Pellicles, Mounting Fixtures
                Plate Repair and Materials
        Process Material Suppliers
                CMP, Grind, Lap, Polish, Abrasive materials
                Deposition Supplies
                Graphite, Carbon Fiber Carbon (CFC), Process Chamber Components
                Photo Masks, Finished or Patterned
                Plasma, Ion Sources
                Plating Materials
                Polysilicon or granular polycrystalline silicon, Crystal growing Material
                Quartz ware (Silicon Carbide, Fused Quartz Glass, Sapphire) and Ceramic Accessories
        Wafer Substrate Suppliers
                Compound Semiconductors (GaAs on Silicon, also GaN, InP, SiGe)
                Epitaxial, Epi, Gettered, Internal Gettered Wafers
                Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Sapphire Substrates
                Prime, Polished, Mirrored Wafers
                Silicon on Insulator (SOI) or Silicon on Sapphire (SOS)
                Strained silicon, Engineered Substrates
                Test, Monitor Wafers, Reclaim or Virgin
        Test Material Suppliers
                Burn-In Boards, Performance Boards (incl. Low, High Temp and Ceramic)
                Probe Cards, DUT boards and other probing accessories (incl Ceramic and Special Purpose Probe Cards)
                Structural Circuits, Test, Thermal Fixturing
                Test Sockets, Contractors and Contact accessories
        Factory Control and Facilities
                Factory Monitoring and Control Systems
                        Chemical, Pure Water, Fluid Handling, Storage, Control, Supply Systems
                        Chemical, Pure Water, Fluid Monitoring and Control Systems
                        Data Collection, Building control systems
                        Electrical, Power Distribution
                        Emergency (fire) and Security Control Systems
                        Environmental, Utility Monitoring Systems
                        Equipment Interface, Communication Protocols
                        Gas and Other Generation Systems
                        Gas Handling - Cabinets, Control, Supply Systems
                        Gas Monitoring Equipment, RGAs, TGO compliance
                        Logistics, Floor Control Systems
                        Process Controls
                        Waste Control, Effluent Management Systems (Fluid and Gas, Exhaust Conditioning, Scrubbers)
                HVAC, Temperature, Humidity, Contamnination Control
                        Clean Rooms
                        Contamination Control
                        HVAC, Temperature, Humidity Systems and Control
                        HVAC, Temperature, Humidity, Contamination Control
                Material Handling Systems
                        Conveying, Material Handling Systems
                        Robotics, Transfer Systems
                        Static, ESD Control
                        Stockers, Storage, AMHS
        Software Manufacturers
                Communication Software
                        Equipment Interace, Communication Protocols
                Design Software
                        CAD - Computer Automated Design
                        EDA - Electronic Design Automation, Circuit Design
                Manufacturing Software
                        CAM or CIM - Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing
                        Factory Automation, Cell Controller Software
                        Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)
                        Production Control software
                        Test Programs
                        Yield Management, Process Control Software
                Neuer Ordner (2)
        Service and Consulting
                Building Maintenance
                Burn-in Service
                Calibration and Reference Standards
                Certification, Compliance, Independent Laboratories
                Color Filter Manufacturing
                Deposition Service
                Failure Analysis and other Analytical Services
                Ion Implant Service
                Laundry Service, Cleanroom Garments and other
                Lithography, Patterning service
                Machine Shop, Fabrication Service
                Mask Making Fabrication and Repair
                Measurement, Inspection
                Micro Machining (small hole drilling and milling) services
                Parts Cleaning, Micro Contamination
                Plating, Electro Polishing, Coating, Surface Treatment
                Reclaim Services (Evaporation, sputtering source material, Precious metal reclaim, Scrap, Vacuum pump oil, Wafer reclaim)
                Repair, Rebuild, Install Equipment Sevices - Independent Contractors
                Sawing, Lapping, Grinding, Polishing
                Used, Rental Equipment, Inventory - Brokers, Resellers
                Wafer Bumping Service
                Welding, specialty welding services

Featured Companies

Hologenix - Innovative Products for the Semiconductor Industry.

WAFERMAP - Metrology Software for the Semiconductor Industry

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